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Data & Analytics

Follow fleet trends, not just a vessel.

Access the highest quality commercial vessel information and expertly curated fleet analytics.


Data-Driven Decisions

The highest quality commercial fleet list in the chemical tanker industry, now housed within a leading database structure and smart analytics portal. Our team of experienced analysts and unparalleled industry connections enable accuracy you can’t find elsewhere, so you always have the best data and insights.

About Us

The standard-bearer for commercial chemical tanker information

In 2000, chemical tanker specialists Charles Barton and Ken Tree teamed up with the belief that the market could be made more efficient by having easily available fleet data.

Focus initially was on the constantly changing commercial information for each ship, that had long been characterised by incomplete, disparate and often inaccurate information.

The fleet list has been further enhanced over 20 years based on close interactions with a variety of leading clients across the industry – this heritage has allowed us to create the largest refinery of chemical tanker fleet data in the market.

In 2023, Charles joined forces with Mark Roberts at SPI Marine, to launch CKB Fleet.

The partnership ensures the industry will continue to be provided with the highest quality fleet list, now overlaid with leading market analytics.

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